Puno And Lake Titicaca

Touring Lake Titicaca and its lakeshore villages is like taking a journey back into the past. This land of intense colors and fascinating landscapes combines nature, culture, and history to create a unique destination situated at the top of the world.

The city of Puno sits on the shores of Lake Titicaca, elevation 3810 m. Despite the elevation, the enormous body of water that dominates this region creates a microclimate in which unusual crops can be grown. The humidity makes life on the lakeshore and the islands less harsh, facilitating the development of a culture that continues to surprise both locals and foreigners alike.

Puno is called the folklore capital of Peru, and its many and vivid dances reach the pinnacle of their expression during Candlemas in February, possibly one of the largest demonstrations of faith and religious syncretism in the Americas.

We invite you take this unforgettable journey through Spanish Colonial towns and cities where time stands still, endless plains and flourishing forests, and a chain of islands in the midst of this inland sea, intensely blue in color, whose inhabitants stoically hang onto ancient traditions. In short, a trip to the heart of the mountains.