Lima is a kaleidoscope of styles, sites, flavors, and textures. This city of 8 million is in the midst of a complete makeover, yet we can find all of Peru’s cultural expressions within its limits. Here, we walk down streets that are lined with Spanish Colonial buildings intermixed with those that flaunt modern architectural trends. We also will experience food that has no peer in the world, the result of a melting pot of people who come from all parts of Peru and all corners of the globe. Complete this experience with a tremendously interesting cultural circuit featuring contemporary arts, fine handicraft shops, and plenty of entertainment.

And if this were not enough, there are plenty of options on the outskirts of the city for nature lovers, namely excellent beaches and resorts, great waves for surfing, snow-capped mountains, relaxing green valleys, and breathtaking trekking circuits: a whole range of almost endless activities.