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Witness one of the most mysterious wonders on Earth with Peru Travel Now: these Nazca Lines tours through the desert will mesmerize you from start to finish.

What drove a seemingly peaceful civilization to create gigantic geoglyphs in the middle of the desert? What mysteries lie within the perfectly traced shapes of birds, insects and animals that comprise the Nazca Lines? Our experts at Peru Travel Now have pondered about these same questions while exploring Peru for over 30 years, documenting each destination in more than 300 books. Our articles published in National Geographic magazines vouch for our search for the authentic essence of Peru wherever we seek for it. We have carefully chosen tours to make your adventure safe and comfortable by personally experiencing every detail of the journey. Join our customized tours that will open the doors to an adventure that cannot be compared to anything. By hopping on our carefully arranged aircraft Nazca Lines tours, we'll soar above these enormous lines in search for the answers about this magnificent, and yet mysterious civilization.

The largest masterpiece on Earth, one that can only be seen from the sky, are represented by the images carved into the ground of the Pampas de Jumana. Some of the lines total over 200 meters in longitude, and vary from simple lines to shapes of animals or plants. Do they have any connection? What makes these huge images and lines so supernatural is the fact that they are not visible from the ground. You may only observe them from the air, either from a hot air balloon, a helicopter, or a charter plane. Explore the kilometers of unanswered questions that defy all possible explanations to these unsolved ancient mysteries in our Nazca Lines tours. Free your imagination while trying to discover the meaning of these figures and how they were made. Our experienced tour guides will provide you with full information about the current theories, some of which can stretch even the wildest sci-fi imagination. While trying to clarify how these images where drawn by a single perfect continuous line that begins and ends at the same point, you'll find out that any techniques are incongruous to the massive perfection of these supernatural shapes.

Take advantage of these Nazca Lines tours and discover the figures that still remain untouched after centuries past. Due to the fact that the Nazca desert has a stable and dry climate -as well as being isolated from civilization-, the Nazca Lines been saved from destruction due to modern living sprawling constructions. Some specialists claim that current climate change phenomena can be a threat to these massive geoglyphs, especially when it comes to impending rainfalls that may occur anytime in the future.

Peru Travel Now will guide you throughout this outstanding Nazca Lines tours to the world of mysteries, legends, and unsolved enigmas. Prepare your cameras to document this inexplicable wonder, taking the essence of Peru's best kept secrets back home.


Drawn carefully upon one of the most arid regions on the planet, the Nasca Lines and Geoglyphs captivate us because of their mysterious origin and the immensity of their size. Astronomical calendar, sacred area, or an offering to the gods: the lines are still one of the biggest mysteries in world archeology and a testimony to the intimate relationship ancient Peruvians had with their spiritual world.

But the area around Nasca is much more than its lines. The valley offers us an opportunity to escape from daily routines and to find peace in the middle of the desert. Likewise, the city of Nasca is also a launching point for excursions into the southern Andes of Ayacucho and Apurimac and the lofty and mysterious Arequipan coast. All you have to do is open your eyes because there are surprises awaiting you around every corner.

The extensive Geoglyphs of Nasca are spread out over an approximate 1000 km2 area on the San Jose Pampas as well as on the sides of some of the hills along the Rio Grande River Valley.

Several of these singular designs represent animals (hummingbird, monkey, and snake) and are superimposed over several geometric shapes and spiral lines. Their size varies from 150 m to 300 m, and the furrow depth is 20 cm, suitable dimensions for viewing these figures from the air. The best way of viewing the lines is from a small airplane, and there are daily flights from nearby Nasca Airfield. The Nasca culture flourished between 200 B.C. and 700 A.D. They were innovative farmers who built their own reservoirs that were fed by underground canals and aqueducts, which are still in use today. The Nasca were also expert artisans, as evidenced by their pottery that is finely decorated with colorful felinesque characters, orcas, anthropomorphic birds, and creatures that look like snakes.


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