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Be part of the Inca Trail preserved for hundreds of years, and which have now become the most requested hiking tours in the world. Peru Travel Now offers you this amazing opportunity!

Travel back in time and experience the traditional roadways used by Incas to transport goods, materials, and messages on a daily basis. Peru Travel Now has over 30 years of experience visiting every corner of Peru, thus guaranteeing your full satisfaction during this authentic adventure. Our travel experts are experienced in hiking Machu Picchu first hand, which gives them the authority to provide our explorers with only the best assistance. From choosing the gear that best fits your physical condition, to catering your next meals, Peru Travel Now arranges every single detail in a customized tour that will make your Inca Trail trip unforgettable.

The Inca Trail takes you throughout different ecosystems, in a trek that will likely become the highlight of your trip to Peru. To make your trip more pleasant, relaxed and secure we provide you with the best equipment, security information, and above all experienced guides who will accompany you and share their knowledge with you in a very personable way. As the Inca Trail expedition takes four marvelous days, this is the best opportunity for you to combine fitness, culture, history and nature all in one package.

The Inca Trail consists of flat but also steep ascensions, long distance walking, and hours of physical activity. However, all these challenging activities will be paid off by the majesty of the Inca outposts you will explore along your way, like the semi-interred citadel of Llactapata, and the limitless beauty of the ecosystem that will follow you in the days and nights of your trek. Feel the joy of being a backpacker, sleep in tents, meet other adventure loving explorers, and just breathe in fresh air, for a renewed sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself.

Especially selected and trained mountain guides will bring history back to life, and you will learn a great deal of information listening to amazing legends and mystical stories about long-gone eras. Hiking Machu Picchu along the Inca Trail lets you interact with local inhabitants, immersing you in their amicable lifestyle. It's no wonder that hiking Machu Picchu has become one of the most attractive, adventurous, and most requested activity. Therefore, national authorities decided to put a limit on the number of people allowed trekking down the Inca Trail daily to prevent from any negative effects it may have on this treasured heritage. Peru Travel Now may reserve your spot for our next expedition beforehand, letting you bypass any problems with ease. The only thing you have to do is to choose the date that suits you the best and contact us for a vacation that will bring memories to last a lifetime.


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I have used this company twice and Both times
I was blown away. Our trips were phenomenal!!!

They were professional, accommodating and
reliable. Right from the booking agent to the guides.

Michelle Lindsay Orsi

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