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Spend your Peru holidays with Peru Travel Now and spice up your adventure with an unforgettable Paracas travel package filled with mystery and adventure.

If you are looking to add value to any classical tour around Peru, then Peru Travel Now has a solution for your holidays to Peru. Travel to the region of Ica; a place that has a wide variety of wildlife, mysteries, and adventurous activities in store for every daring explorer. Peru Travel Now has dedicated over 30 years investigating and discovering every corner of the Peruvian territory to cater the most exclusive and unique tour packages for our treasured clients. Be entertained and amazed since we offer a manifold of destinations and leisure activities for your Peru holidays.

Paracas is one of the most visited attractions for travelers embarking holidays in Peru due to its close location to the enigmatic Nazca Lines, marvellous Ballestas Islands, and immense deserts. For each of these destinations we have crafted amazing Paracas travel packages that will suit anybody and will fulfill all your possible demands. From drifting in the Pacific ocean to flying over the sacred Nazca Lines, or boosting up your spirits during your ride on desert sands, we have it all in stock for you. So start packing and let your holidays to Peru escapade begin!

During your Paracas travel package, dive into the glory of the rocky Ballestas Islands that have lately become one of the most visited destinations of Peru. You will be taken into the waters of the Pacific Ocean on our motorized tour vessels, where you can get up close and observe marine wildlife. Face the sea lions, fur seals, and penguins in their habitat, and also look up to catch a glimpse on flamingoes flying right above you in your Peru holidays. Looking back at the shore, you will have a spectacular view of an astonishing and cryptic geoglyph of the Candelabro: a figure that no one finds a firm explanation to its origins, nor to its meaning.

What you experience in your Paracas travel during your holidays in Peru is a small prelude to what you are about to experience in the Nazca desert. Soar above the gigantic Nazca Lines that still cause a lot of speculation about its significance. These lines can only be seen from a plane or a helicopter, as they reach the length of over 200 meters. Spider, monkey, llama, and other figures hypnotize every tourist with their mysterious value.

After discovering a world full of secrets and ambiguity in your holidays to Peru, boost up your adrenaline rush by fleeing deeper into the infinite sand desert. Our professional guides and drivers will take you on our open chassis off-road vehicles. So fasten your seatbelts and feel the purity of the wind as you drive at full speed over the sand dunes. Add an intense flavor to these sublime Peru holidays and enjoy sand boarding down the desert dunes.

From marine wildlife to the world of enigmatic phenomenon, from velocity of all terrain vehicle to a romantic surveillance of the stars, all this will make your Paracas travel worth more than every dollar spent. We promise that your holidays in Peru will be full of pleasant surprises!


A land of burning sun and lovely beaches, huge flocks of birds, and large colonies of sea lions on islands in the midst of some of the richest coastal waters on Earth. The Paracas National Reserve is an ideal place for getting away from it all, for walking along snaking pathways of sand, and for contemplating the ocean.

Created in 1975, the Paracas National Reserve is spread out on 335,000 hectares south of the city of Pisco, between the Paracas Peninsula and Point Morro Quemado, south of Independence Bay. After the devastating earthquake of 2007, Paracas suffered a noteworthy transformation, yet the tourist services in the reserve are still first class, and there are several options for traveling about this amazing kingdom of wind and sun.

This land of immense deserts that change colors as the sun travels across the sky, of gigantic sheer cliffs, and of lovely shingle beaches, Paracas is a wilderness marked by the encounter between the coast and the sea. Often, it is a violent encounter; the hand of erosion has created spectacular shapes in the saltpeter, which are, in turn, used by Humboldt penguins and flocks of migratory birds for nesting grounds. The reserve has an impressive system of trails on which you can access its chief points of interest, like beaches (Lagunillas, La Mina, Yumaque, and Mendieta), the Punta Arquillo sea lion observatory, geological formations (The Cathedral and Farallones), etc.

The Ballestas Islands have become the main tourist destination in Paracas. These rocky islands received their name from the large arches that the ocean has eroded right through the stone. They also hold important deposits of guano (bird droppings rich in phosphates used as fertilizer) and are a fantastic place for watching sea lions and marine birds up close on this part of Peru's coast. The group includes three islands: South, Central, and North. As you embark on small, motorized vessels from the pier on El Chaco beach towards them, you have a good view of the enigmatic geoglyph, the Candelabro, a curious shape traced into the side of a hill (formed after the Nasca Lines), and of dolphins.


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