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With The Roots of the Inca Empire tour, provided by Peru Travel Now, travel the same route Mama Ocllo and Manco Capac once traveled hundreds of years ago, when they were looking for the proper place to home the Inca Empire. The story says that they emerged from the depths of Lake Titicaca with a golden staff. Their plan was to stick the staff into the ground in every land they would encounter. The place where the staff would sink would become the capital of the empire. This is not just a trip across the Andes, but a trip to the past; to learn more about the mystical history of the founding fathers of the Inca Empire, when the Sacred Fortress was first founded.

Minimum:2 passengers
Operating Seasons:all year


Day 1: La Paz Arrival to La Paz, assistance and transfer to the hotel. Free afternoon to acclimatize. Stay in La Paz. Day 2: La Paz - (Breakfast Included) Arrival in La Paz, welcoming reception and transfer to the hotel. In the afternoon it is time for our city tour which begins in the typical Witches’ Market, then is off to the Colonial San Francisco Church and the Murillo Plaza in which we will find the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Government Palace and the Parliament. Then we will walk around the famous Jaen Street where the most important museums of La Paz are located, to later move to different directions like the residential areas of Obrajes, Calacoto and la Florida to end our tour in the spectacular Valley of the Moon. Stay in La Paz. Day 3: La Paz/Huatajata - (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included) We will start in the morning with a visit to the Tiahuanaco Archaeological Complex, one of the oldest civilizations in the continent. The Door of the Sun, the Kalasasaya Temple and the Akapana Pyramid are examples of its glorious past. Tiahuanaco people had a vast knowledge of agriculture, hydraulics and medicine, as well as an impressive social organization. Due to an economic crisis caused by a long drought, the Tiahuanaco Empire collapsed around 1000 b.C
Box lunch included.
Then it is time to go to Huatajata and to the Inca Utama hotel with a panoramic view of Lake Titicaca. We will visit the Raices Andinas eco-village for a cultural experience with the locals. We will meet the Limachi family, dedicated to building boats for expeditionaries like Thor Heyerdahal. In the afternoon we will meet with Tata Benjo who will read the future displayed in the sacred coca leaves to all those who are up for it. Candle light dinner and the opportunity to try the famous lake trout at Sumak Untavi restaurant. Visit the native observatory Alajpacha for a chance to see the South Constellations. Stay at the Inca Utama & Spa hotel. Day 4: Huatajata/Sun Island/Copacabana/Puno - (Breakfast and Lunch Included) We will board a hydrofoil boat for a wonderful experience in Lake Titicaca. Our first stop is the Island of the Moon and a visit to the Sun Virgins Temple or Iñak Uyu, place in which the most beautiful Inca women lived and were offered to the gods in sacrifice. Our tour continues in the Island of the Sun and a walk through the Inca Steps to see the Sacred Fountain. Lunch at Uma Kollu restaurant. Next destination: Copacabana, and a visit to the Morena Virgin (dark skinned virgin) and the local market. Then it is time to go to Puno by land and to see the Juli and Pomata churches. Arrival in Puno and transfer to the hotel. Overnight stay at Puno. Day 5: Puno - (Breakfast Included) A morning trip to visit the “people of the lake”. A visit to the Uros’ handmade islands and their inhabitants who will welcome us to their peculiar life style. It is hard to believe but these friendly locals live, get an education and make a living on these floating islands. In the afternoon we will visit the pre-Inca cemetery of the Hatun Colla chiefs in Sillustani, on the shore of Lake Umayo. A great trip to see the funerary towers or Chullpas reaching up to six meters high. Stay at Puno. Day 6: Puno/Cusco - (Breakfast and Lunch Included) Departure on a tour bus to Cusco. On the way we’ll stop to visit the attractions this beautiful route has to offer. Our first stop: the in site Pucara Museum and a chance to get one of the local classic bull shaped ceramics. Then it’s lunch time and the opportunity to see the view at La Raya, natural border between Puno and Cusco. We will continue our trip to Racchi, Temple of the Wiracocha god where the walls and narrow streets stand out. Before our final destination, we will stop at Andahuaylillas for a visit to its beautiful chapel. We will arrive in Cusco at the end of the afternoon. Stay at Cusco. Day 7: Cusco - (Breakfast Included) In the morning we will distance from the crowds and visit Sacsayhuaman, a huge and impressive fortress of colossal constructions and surrounded by beautiful views blending together perfectly. Our adventure continues at the Inca Shrine Qenqo, to see the sacrificial altar embedded inside a rock cave. Finally we will arrive to the Puca Pucara viewpoint and Tambomachay, monument of impressive architectonic knowledge considered as one of the pillars of Andean Cosmo vision. Free afternoon to explore the city.

In the afternoon our exclusive city tour starts with a visit to the San Cristobal Plaza to enjoy its panoramic view of the city. Then, we will visit the San Pedro Market to soak in its local flavors and to learn about more of the products grown in the area which supply the whole city. After this, the Korikancha temple will welcome us in all his magnificence; this temple, whose Quechua name means “Gold Enclosure” still bedazzles us with the thought of its gold covered walls. Then it is the turn to visit the Santo Domingo Church. We will walk from San Blas, the artisans’ neighborhood, to the Hatun Rumiyoc street, stopping at the Inca Roca Palace, nowadays home to the Archbishop’s Palace and also at the famous Twelve Angle Stone. We will continue our walk to the Main Square to visit the Cathedral and its valuable and beautiful colonial masterpieces. Stay in Cusco. Día 8: Sacred Valley - (Breakfast and Lunch Included) The Sacred Valley of the Incas is waiting for you. On the way we will stop at Awanacancha, small complex to admire Andean camelids such as alpacas and llamas and learn from local inhabitants about traditional dyeing and knitting techniques. Later we will explore the Pisac Market with enough free time to go around and buy handcrafts and if you feel like tasting something traditional, stop by the wood ovens for a delicious empanada or a piece of bread.

Lunch at a local restaurant.

In the afternoon, our tour continues to Ollantaytambo, a small town full of local color and inhabited since Inca times in which we will visit the main temple used as a fortress during the Inca resistance. Breathtaking views for amazing pictures. Stay at the Sacred Valley. Day 9: Sacred Valley/Machu Picchu - (Breakfast and Lunch Included) A train trip away to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World. We arrive at the Aguas Calientes station where our staff will assist us on boarding the bus to go up the winding road to Machu Picchu, amid a spectacular view of the Urubamba River and its canyon. The Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu, will astonish us with its terraces, ceremonial shrines, steps and urban areas. Energy is all around us. After a guided visit, we will have time to explore the fortress and have lunch at one of the restaurants in the area. Overnight stay at one of the hotels in Aguas Calientes or Machu Picchu. Day 10: Machu Picchu/Cusco - (Breakfast Included) Free morning. Do as you please with your free time: enjoy once more the energy and mystique offered by the fortress or do some hiking like going up Intipunku or Door of the Sun, entrance to Machu Picchu coming from the Inca Trail or climb the Huayna Picchu, mountain overlooking Machu Picchu and home to the temple of the Moon. At the arranged time, we will return to Cusco by bus and will be transferred to our hotel. Overnight stay in Cusco. Day 11: Cusco/Lima - (Breakfast Included) Transfer to the airport and flight to Lima. In the afternoon, a tour through Lima’s streets and plazas. Starting at the Love Park in Miraflores, with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, and then heading to the Huaca Pucllana, ceremonial center of the Lima culture. Later we will go to San Isidro, financial center of the city to visit de Huaca Huallamarca, ancient pre-Incan shrine. After this, we go on to the Main Square where the Government Palace and the Town Hall are located. We will visit the Cathedral and explore the San Francisco convent, built in the seventeenth century, to discover the mystery of its catacombs. Stay in Lima Day 12: Lima - (Breakfast Included) Transfer departure.

End of our services.
*Based on two people sharing double room.



  • Transfer airport / hotel - Hd Tiahuanaco archeological site - Hd City tour and Moon Valley
  • 2 days / 1 night Titicaca Lake crossing by Aliscafo. All meals included
  • 1 night of lodging in La Paz - 1 night of lodging in Huatajata


  • Hd Floating Islands of Uros excursion - Hd Sillustani pre Inca Tombs
  • Transfer hotel / bus station - FD Puno / Cusco by bus with lunch and visitis on route
  • 2 nights of lodging - Daily breakfast


  • Transfer bus station / hotel / train station / hotel / airport
  • Hd Archeological Park of Sacsayhuaman - Hd City tour
  • Fd Sacred Valley of the Incas : Pisac indian market and Ollantaytambo Fortress with lunch
  • Fd Machu Picchu excursion with Vistadome train - Buffet lunch at Sanctuary's Lodge restaurant
  • 3 nights of lodging in Cusco - 1 night of lodging in the Sacred Valley - 1 night of lodging in Aguas Calientes or Machu Picchu - Daily breakfast


  • Transfers airport / hotel / airport - Hd City tour
  • 1 night of lodging - Daily breakfast
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