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Live the real natural splendor, profound culture, and mysteries of ancient times by visiting any of our Peru tourist attractions.

Peru Travel Now offers customized vacation packages to suit even the most discerning travelers. Living the adventure and visiting Peru tourist attractions first-hand, has no comparison. This is why Peru Travel Now has explored and documented every corner of this magnificent nation for over 30 years, publishing articles in National Geographic and producing more than 300 books. Our travel experts have selected the most spectacular tourist attractions in Peru and compiled the best tour packages to make your stay pleasant and untroubled. Choose from our diversified list of the most breathtaking Peru attractions such as Machu Picchu, the limitless Amazon jungle and its exceptional nature, the deeply majestic Colca Canyon in Arequipa, the Imperial City of Cusco, and the unexplained marvels of the Nazca Lines among other magnificent attractions in Peru.

Cusco invites us to discover the mysteries of the Inca Empire through visits to some of the most important attractions in Peru. While in Cusco, entice your senses with the mystical and enigmatic citadel of Machu Picchu, ranked among the most celebrated Peru tourist attractions. Get involved with the nature of the ancient virgin forests and biodiversity as you travel ancient foot-roads along your Inca Trail hike. On the other hand, don't miss out on the fantastic opportunity to witness the majesty of the Sacred Valley. Feel the spirit of the mystery and magic of ancient cultures coming to life. Live the unique experience of interacting with welcoming local inhabitants, taking part in their everyday activities, or visiting marketplaces to discover unique handmade crafts.

Surprise yourself with the radiance of the dazzling white city of Arequipa, with its beautiful colonial structures. Our tours to attractions in Peru take you to live adventure in destinations such as hiking the Colca Canyon, where the splendid panoramic views of snowcapped mountain peaks, green plains and the endless Colca river will captivate you. In contrast, if you want to witness the most unusual and unique inhabited floating islands, join us in our exploration of the Uros floating islands. Find out how the Uros built these amazing floating structures from naturally occurring grass reeds, share their lifestyle, and delve deep into ecotourism activities in Puno, among our most immersive Peru attractions.

Lima will seduce you with its colorful culinary offer, with dishes influenced by hundreds of years of history, along with flavors gathered from all over the country. The Peru attractions offered in Lima are a gateway to this magnificent nation, where traditions blends in with modern life, creating a culture that is both rich and enigmatic.

Peru Travel Now gets you to choose from a wide range of Peru tourist attractions, helping you customize a trip that includes everything to make your dream vacation come true. Leave your troubles behind and dive into the grandeur that Peru has in store. Enjoy this memorable experience and let the experts take care of the rest.


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