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Enjoy a selection of our Peru book written by our award-winning travel director. Find the best travel advice, tips, and detailed information in our revealing free Peru books. Peru Travel Now shares a unique guide to Peru, taking you into a wonderful journey. Our specialists at Peru Travel Now have spent more than 30 years investigating, exploring, and documenting every corner of Peru. All those years were full of progression, adventure, improvement, and above all priceless information gathered along our travels first-hand. With that wealth of data, we have taken care in publishing more than 300 books and travel guides, all of which we'd like to share with our fellow travelers in this prolific collection. For those of you about to explore the magnificent beauty of Peru, don't miss out on our Machu Picchu books, containing the most comprehensive insider tips and recommendations for would-be travelers.

Choose the Peru Travel Guide that corresponds to the destination you're looking for in Peru. These free Peru books will provide you the most detailed information on geographical location, history, culture, activities and attraction, giving you a glimpse of what's in store for you on your next trip. You will also find tons of high quality photos, citations of famous writers who have witnessed its beauty, as well as suggestions for related destinations. Among these treasured guides are Machu Picchu books, which are definitely the most coveted reading material available free on the web. A Machu Picchu travel guide is an essential read for travelers. Every book has information both in Spanish and English, for a more comfortable reading experience.

Peru has become an important destination in the last decade due to its indigenous culinary diversity. The most simple and traditional ingredients that make this cuisine so special in satisfying your palates consist of corn, potato, aji peppers (Peruvian chili peppers), and Peruvian lemon, which is best known as lime. These minimal ingredients have a major effect on the food, which helps create peaks of flavor, density, subtlety, aggressiveness and fullness, all expressed in such a diversity of dishes. Peruvian cuisine is so varied, that some people claim in saying that you can sample one different dish for every day in the year, and you would probably not repeat any of them. Enjoy, experience, and even taste our typical dishes in the comfort of your home. Our free Peru books provide you with recipes that will definitely change your cooking techniques. Add some of these easy to cook dishes to your everyday life, in a simple, yet fulfilling trip to the flavors of Peru in your Peru Travel guide. Discover the depth of Peruvian ancestral textiles, its techniques, and, most importantly, its representative colors with our free Peru books. Peru Travel Now would like to present you to every principle color of this marvelous country. Its names in Quechua, their origins and inspiration, among other mysteries, will be revealed in our Colors of Peru book.

Peru Travel Now guarantees that books like our Machu Picchu Travel guide will be more than informative; they will captivate your imagination, taking you to a mythical land where nature and man has lived in perfect harmony for hundreds of years. Our Peru Travel guide and Machu Picchu books are only the beginning of your next trip arranged to perfection with Peru Travel Now.


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